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Intriguing Ways to Turn Noise into News with Digital Signage (VIDEO)

Intriguing Ways to Turn Noise into News with Digital Signage Walking down the streets, one might find the surroundings with serious information overload. Sure when everything was motionless and still, the first store to put up a screen and run digital signage was the new kid on the block. But now that everyone is doing it, that guy has to put on the thinking cap and get outside the box. By combining old technologies with new visuals, focal points are created, and thus the audiences will eliminate excessive noise, and focus on the contents. We have put together a list of applications that are compatible with SMP-NEO digital signage players. Here are some of the worth-mentioning categories: Sensor integration Adding sensors to a digital signage solution certainly brings more attention to the content. With sensors, it is easy to add a creative aspect to help engage customers with the brand. Whether if it’s interactive digital signage or information centers with live data, by

Innisfree Brings a Whole New In-Store Experience with Digital Technology

innisfree, Taiwan The South Korean Famous Cosmetics Brand: Innisfree Innisfree is a natural cosmetics brand that has more than 900 stores in Korea. The brand derived its name from “innis” (island) and “free” and presents the symbol of finding the purest natural ingredients and pursuing an eco-friendly green life. Dedicated to sharing the benefits of natural energies from Jeju, the brand’s core value is all about the clear, fresh air; the soft, warm sunlight; the fertile, healthy soil; and the pollution-free pure water in this pristine island. Since its establishments in 2000, Innisfree has been growing more than 30% annually in the Asian region. In April 2014, to value the potential of Taiwan market, Innisfree opened its first retail store in the central business district right across from the Taipei Main Station. Shortly, the brand receives an enthusiastic response from the community without a hitch. The Digital Green Concept Store Located in Downtown In May 2014, Innis

Every Watt Counts: Choosing an Energy Saving Digital Signage Player

Every Watt Counts: Choosing an Energy Saving Digital Signage Player Save the Polar bears by dumping out that old PC running your signage Okay, so we may have over exaggerated a bit here, but you will save a significant amount of power if your shop or business has a few screens up during businesses hours. Many users are still trapped in the PC+software solutions when it comes to digital signage. By switching out that energy leeching monster that drains 200-300 watts, you don’t just save money on the electricity bill, but the environment as well. What is the difference? Is it worth it to make the switch? Depending on the type of digital signage you need, there will be some variations to how much you can save. However, even for the lightest users, say 1 or 2 displays, you should be able to lower your energy consumption by at least 50kWh a month if you are open for 12 hours a day. This may not seem like much, but it could quickly add up if you have more than a few screens. Plus,

CCU Pushes Smart Campus with Digital Signage Network

Chinese Culture University, Taiwan Background Since 2005, CAYIN Technology's SMP players have been installed in one of the most revolutionary Taiwanese universities in Taipei: the Chinese Culture University (CCU). The university consists of four campuses separately located from one another. Over the course of 14 years, CCU has chosen to update its campuses with generations of CAYIN’s digital signage players (over 200 units across the years), making it one of the largest networks in the education arena. In July 2005, CCU decided to construct a new campus media platform for four missions: 1. Replacing the old-fashioned bulletin boards and posters which require high cost of regular maintenance, operation, and lack of efficiency. 2. Distribution of live and pre-edited multimedia information to groups of displays across campuses. 3. Differentiating the image of the university in an extremely competitive Taiwanese education market. 4. Offering students, teac