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Sharing the Word of God and Spiritual Messages Thru Digital Signage Boards

Taiwanese Church Spreads the Word of God with Digital Signage System Background Bread of Life Christian Church in Shilin was founded in 1995. After a decade of endeavor, the church has grown from 100 members to nearly 5000. Every year, about 500 people are baptized, and nearly 2,000 people are engaged in all kinds of volunteer activities every week. In 2012, the church moved to a new building and utilized the latest audio visual technology to create a contemporary environment. Broadcast Real-time Sermons and Activities To provide a better environment for the growing members, the church moved to a new building which accommodates around 1000 people for all kinds of activities, such as Sunday worship services, weddings, funerals, training camps, and all other church activities. As the fellowship hall became larger, it created a disadvantage: not all of the congregation can see the pulpit. To get all of the members involved, the church installed a total of 16 displays throu

Get a Say in Deciding When Your Digital Signage Updates

Get a Say in Deciding When Your Digital Signage Updates How hard is it to NOT update your operating system? Very difficult these days according to millions of frustrated Windows 10 users around the world. Unexpected updates can disrupt your digital signage as they take over the display and could take up hours at times. The last thing you want to have in the middle of Time Square is a count-down window warning a reboot in 38 seconds. Choosing the right software with the right operating system and version is crucial to building a successful digital signage platform. A suitable solution should allow users to decide which updates they want and when to apply them at user discretion. For example, CAYIN’s SMP-NEO2 Digital Signage Players let you choose between necessary and value-added updates, and the process normally lasts no more than 10 minutes, which includes rebooting the device. The system is built on Linux OS, providing a more stable environment for long-term 24

Eat with your eyes: Elevating the fast food experience

Eat with your eyes: Elevating the fast food experience McDonald's, Philippines Background For the past decade, food and beverage industry has been implementing electronic menu boards to better allocate labor resource and engage customers. Bigger chains also adapted Digital Signage to raise brand awareness, and maintain constant modifications to a variety of selections that meet the market needs. McDonald's is no different, being one of the world’s leading fast food giants. McDonald's, the largest burger franchise, has more than 36,600 branches in 119 countries, nearing 500 just in the Philippines. With extensive selections, customers spend considerable time on the vibrant and colorful menu boards in the restaurants, making it the most important part of communication. McDonald's Philippines decided to implement digital signage e-menus in 2 of its most high-traffic branches in 2016. As of April 2018, more than 26 units of  SMP-NEO players  have been ins