Sharing the Word of God and Spiritual Messages Thru Digital Signage Boards

Taiwanese Church Spreads the Word of God with Digital Signage System


Bread of Life Christian Church in Shilin was founded in 1995. After a decade of endeavor, the church has grown from 100 members to nearly 5000. Every year, about 500 people are baptized, and nearly 2,000 people are engaged in all kinds of volunteer activities every week. In 2012, the church moved to a new building and utilized the latest audio visual technology to create a contemporary environment.

Broadcast Real-time Sermons and Activities

To provide a better environment for the growing members, the church moved to a new building which accommodates around 1000 people for all kinds of activities, such as Sunday worship services, weddings, funerals, training camps, and all other church activities. As the fellowship hall became larger, it created a disadvantage: not all of the congregation can see the pulpit. To get all of the members involved, the church installed a total of 16 displays throughout the fellowship hall, so members in the back row can still see the pulpit clearly. 

Not constrained by space, the church also broadcasts real-time services from the pulpit to other areas inside and outside the building. Passersby can see live services on a 3x3 TV wall mounted on the church's exterior. The TV wall helps the church transmit messages to a wider audience in the community.

Integrate AV Equipment in the Church

Using audio visual equipment in a church is not an entirely new thing. The unique part of this project is the perfect integration with digital signage and other existing AV, broadcast equipment. The administrator can switch between different signals immediately and show coherent content on all screens at the flow of the activity. For example, LCD screens can show the handout and videos during a sermon. Contents can also be switched between lyrics and the live performance of the choir on the stage when congregations sing songs. 

All live activities are broadcasted through CAYIN’s digital signage players. Learn more about the full story at: Bread of Life Christian Church in Shilin, Taiwan


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