Innisfree Brings a Whole New In-Store Experience with Digital Technology

innisfree, Taiwan

The South Korean Famous Cosmetics Brand: Innisfree

Innisfree is a natural cosmetics brand that has more than 900 stores in Korea. The brand derived its name from “innis” (island) and “free” and presents the symbol of finding the purest natural ingredients and pursuing an eco-friendly green life. Dedicated to sharing the benefits of natural energies from Jeju, the brand’s core value is all about the clear, fresh air; the soft, warm sunlight; the fertile, healthy soil; and the pollution-free pure water in this pristine island. Since its establishments in 2000, Innisfree has been growing more than 30% annually in the Asian region. In April 2014, to value the potential of Taiwan market, Innisfree opened its first retail store in the central business district right across from the Taipei Main Station. Shortly, the brand receives an enthusiastic response from the community without a hitch.

The Digital Green Concept Store Located in Downtown

In May 2014, Innisfree officially tapped into the bustling Taipei Eastern District and successfully built its second store, a green concept store that unites with nature. To create an eco-friendly store, Innisfree used a two-story-high living plant wall to design its storefront. Inside the store, they further used the original imported materials from Jeju to create a cozy in-store atmosphere with a strong Jeju cottage style.

To make the brand stand out in the increasingly competitive cosmetics market, Innisfree adopted a 2 × 3 video wall, seamlessly composed of six 46-inch, 500-nit displays at the shop front. Through the deployment of CAYIN's web-based digital signage players, the SMP, fresh and natural digital content can be played as an extension of natural design and also perfectly combine with the in-store Jeju original decorations. Moreover, customers who come into the store can purely experience and enjoy the unique value of the brand through all of their five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

The Unlimited Potential of Omni-Channel Integration

With the rapid growth of Internet and information technology, the concept of omni-channel integration has become the crucial challenge for all businesses, especially the retail industry. Through seamless connections across all available channels such as mobile devices, online platforms, social media, and physical stores, digital signage has become an indispensable medium. Digital signage provides users with dynamic and flexible marketing solutions, which can further improve the message delivery, enhance the customer satisfaction, strengthen the brand image, and achieve many other goals. The powerful remote management and performance analysis can further help users to increase overall efficiency. This is why digital signage can continuously shine in the ever-changing information era and become an important media platform to any business.


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