How Digital Signage is Empowering Public Libraries to Succeed in Citywide Audience Engagement

Education Digital Sigange at Taichung Public Library - Wuqi Branch, Taiwan

Taichung Public Library, Taiwan

To promote a reading culture, Taichung Public Library has integrated forty-three branches since the municipal merge of the Taichung City and County in 2016. The resources covering through each regional library not only encourage friendly reading environments, but also create satisfying experiences for all visitors. 

Taichung Public Library has four main goals, which includes promoting citizens’ reading habits, enriching library collections, renovating interior spaces, and constructing new buildings. By adding digital signage into a diverse learning environment, CAYIN’s players and content management software solution played important roles in the collaboration.

On the top of the information retrieval area, digital signage becomes an efficient communication platform. Fengyuan Branch, Taiwan

CAYIN's Solution
After evaluating several popular options on the market, the library administration adopted forty-seven digital signage players and content management software, with the addition of SuperMonitor to manage and control the platform across all branches of the library.
The Client/Server framework supports the main library in distributing content displayed on each player. CMS device was installed within the server room in the main library while signage players were placed at lobbies of each branch.

Digital signage in the lobby provides visitors with the latest information. Datun Branch, Taiwan

When Technology Meets Library
Digital Signage can:
  • Provide visitors with useful information including business hours, latest ongoing activities, and important rules and policies for patrons.
  • Autoloop digital posters to show a variety of activities, while replacing traditional paper-print materials.
  • Form an inbound marketing platform which attracts visitors’ attention, building an efficient and reader-friendly environment.

Education Digital Sigange at Taichung Public Library - Beitun Branch, Taiwan


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