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Digital Signage Rises High in High-Rises

Arraya Tower II, Kuwait
BackgroundA lot of work goes into making things look simple and smooth, and putting digital signage in the elevators of a 60-story skyscraper sure requires a huge effort. Partnering up with a local integrator, CAYIN deployed a customized digital signage solution to suit the corporate needs for Arraya Tower II, the 2nd highest office building in Kuwait, and the 4th-tallest building completed in 2009 world-wide.
Solution In order to provide tenants with the most updated information on the stock market through satellite TV, the project had a great challenge of setting up wireless connections to each of the 14 elevators. By pairing up digital signage players with Wi-Fi receivers, the integrator was able to transmit broadcasting signals from a content management server to all the units. Wi-Fi transmitters are installed in the elevator pits then connected to the server through an internet hub.

The video streaming comes from a satellite dish and is distributed to all …