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Send the Right Message at the Right Time: Scheduling Matters

Send the Right Message at the Right Time: Scheduling Matters Some may see digital advertisements or promotions as money down the drain. Well, not quite when you are sending the right message at the right time. Whether it’s a fixed screen on the front of a building, or a simple digital signage kiosk by the storefront, the message delivered should be relatable. Let’s tackle it from two different perspectives: are you an advertising agency who rents or owns a display, or a store owner who’s thinking about setting up digital signage in store to boost sales? This article will help you determine if adding a screen into the mix will be a plus for you. Don’t just throw the message out there Digital Signage has been around for more than a decade, and no matter how fancy or complicated the applications have become, the goal never deviated from connecting customers (internal or external) to your brand. Thus, choosing the best time and place to show the most relatable information is cru


6 Ways to Keep Invaders at Arm’s Length Earlier in May 2017, a major digital signage network security breach happened at Washington D.C.’s busiest transportation hub. Adult-oriented footage was displayed on the lobby kiosk of Union Station. As the video circulated on social media, the often overlooked digital signage security was finally brought to light by news headlines. So, how to ensure the safety of your digital signage network? Here are 6 tips our experts here at CAYIN suggest: 1. Choose a system that’s built on a secured OS For example, Linux is often adopted for uses requiring high level security and stability, such as industrial equipments, aerospace and military defense software engineering. It is less likely to be targeted and mass attacked compared to other operating systems. 2. Choose professional digital signage system over consumer products Select systems that are specifically designed for the use of digital signage. Make sure that consumer functions an