6 Ways to Keep Invaders at Arm’s Length

Earlier in May 2017, a major digital signage network security breach happened at Washington D.C.’s busiest transportation hub. Adult-oriented footage was displayed on the lobby kiosk of Union Station. As the video circulated on social media, the often overlooked digital signage security was finally brought to light by news headlines.


So, how to ensure the safety of your digital signage network? Here are 6 tips our experts here at CAYIN suggest:

1. Choose a system that’s built on a secured OS

For example, Linux is often adopted for uses requiring high level security and stability, such as industrial equipments, aerospace and military defense software engineering. It is less likely to be targeted and mass attacked compared to other operating systems.

2. Choose professional digital signage system over consumer products

Select systems that are specifically designed for the use of digital signage. Make sure that consumer functions and unused system services are disabled, and cannot be accessed by others. Window systems should also be removed, and abilities to install or run programs shut down.

3. Update the default password and set access restrictions

It goes without saying that you should always change the default password. Experts suggest that passwords should be at least 8 characters long, including a mix of upper and lower case letters, and contain special characters and numbers. Set different accounts and access restriction for different users and avoid multiple users using the same account information.

4. Disable unused functions

If there are functions not in use, such as USB port, location services or wireless connection, make sure to disable those functions to eliminate possible channels for corruption.

5. If connected to the internet, check for data encryption or Firewall

Whether you have a digital signage player, or a whole network, if it is connected to the internet, be sure that your devices have security protocol, or set up an external Firewall to cut possible external access.

6. Locate your devices in a secured place

Locate all of your devices in well ventilated areas that are not accessible to the public, such as locked cabinets or above ground level for at least 2 meters to avoid potential physical contacts.

Choose the right one

When looking for the right digital signage for your business, don’t overlook the security aspects, because it is as important as the price, design, ease-of-use and functions. Once a breach happens, it will take huge efforts to patch things up in the information security department and damages in your brand image.

CAYIN Technology provides secured Linux-based solutions designed specifically for digital signage, including players, servers, and software. Window system is not accessible to eliminate the possibility of malware or security breaches. Users may turn off certain system functions by choice and setup private access by narrowing down IP addresses or creating new accounts and passwords. SMP-NEO and CMS offer security updates regularly to prevent attacks through bugs and loopholes. We work hard to ensure your digital signage network is safe and sound.

Let’s work together towards a safer and more reliable digital signage network!

Contact us to learn more about building a protected environment for your digital signage.


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