Every Watt Counts: Choosing an Energy Saving Digital Signage Player

Every Watt Counts: Choosing an Energy Saving Digital Signage Player

Save the Polar bears by dumping out that old PC running your signage

CAYIN Energy saving digital signage

Okay, so we may have over exaggerated a bit here, but you will save a significant amount of power if your shop or business has a few screens up during businesses hours. Many users are still trapped in the PC+software solutions when it comes to digital signage. By switching out that energy leeching monster that drains 200-300 watts, you don’t just save money on the electricity bill, but the environment as well.

What is the difference? Is it worth it to make the switch?

Depending on the type of digital signage you need, there will be some variations to how much you can save. However, even for the lightest users, say 1 or 2 displays, you should be able to lower your energy consumption by at least 50kWh a month if you are open for 12 hours a day. This may not seem like much, but it could quickly add up if you have more than a few screens. Plus, if we each can save 600kWh a year, it is still a considerable amount to preventing that last straw.

Choosing an Energy Saving Digital Signage Player

CAYIN provides a compact solution, SMP-2100, which powers on energy saving components such as low-wattage CPU, DDR3L DRAM memory, and mSATA SSD. Each unit only consumes 12 watts(*1) on single display, and 13.5 watts(*1) on dual displays, which is less than 7 watts per screen. The performance matches any PCs running digital signage software, and brings out the most of an x86 platform. Comparing to a PC burning 60kWh a month, the SMP-2100 is only at 2.5kWh. This not only creates an impact on user’s monthly bill, but reflects largely on the energy saving and carbon reduction movement as well. As the title suggests, every watt counts!

*1: This is not a theoretical value, but the experimental value when running at full speed.


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