Unlocking Medical Knowledge with Singleton Pharma Logistics Co., Ltd. and CAYIN Technology

Unlocking Medical Knowledge with Singleton Pharma Logistics Co., Ltd. and CAYIN TechnologySingleton Pharma Logistics Co., Ltd.'s with Flexie Digital Signage Solution

Singleton Pharma Logistics Co., Ltd. (Singleton) is committed to spreading medical knowledge and information. With over a decade of experience in pharmaceutical distribution, Singleton supplies prescription drugs to national health insurance pharmacies and provides high-quality and caring health education information and services to pharmacies and clinics.

To achieve this goal in the digital age, Singleton upholds the concept of delivering information to each pharmacy and clinic and has launched the exclusive PharmTV platform for medical information. This platform aims to provide positive and professional health education, advertising, and public service information to every individual waiting for pharmacists to prepare, consult, diagnose, dispense, or check out at pharmacies or clinics, making it easy for people to obtain accurate medical knowledge and information.
Digital Signage Display at Pharmacy Checkout Counter

Flexie Your Digital Signage Experience with CAYIN Technology

Singleton discovered CAYIN Technology, a professional original equipment manufacturer and supplier of digital signage systems, through the internet.
In consultation with CAYIN Technology's business team, Singleton received the most professional consultation and planning for their needs and was provided with the most suitable Flexie digital signage solution. After verification and testing, Singleton chose CAYIN Technology's CMS-WS as the leading technology for this project, while Singleton's choice of tablets served as the playback equipment.
PharmTV: A Platform for Medical Information

Stand Out with CAYIN's Digital Signage

Through CAYIN digital signage, Singleton aims to enhance the brand image and medical experience of pharmacies and clinics. Singleton utilized CAYIN Technology's CMS-WS server to deploy digital signage at pharmacies and clinics' checkout or drug pickup counters nationwide, fully utilizing multimedia content to replace traditional flat posters and promote positive medical knowledge and concepts. This approach can attract attention, enhance brand image, and provide a better medical experience without prioritizing product advertisements.
Digital Signage Display at Pharmacy Checkout Counter

Excel with CAYIN: Empowering Singleton with Comprehensive Support

CAYIN Technology offers not only professional digital signage solutions but also provides comprehensive education and training to empower Singleton to manage its playback system independently. With the guidance and expertise of CAYIN's technical team, Singleton can confidently handle any issues that may arise and effectively maintain the digital signage system. Additionally, CAYIN's technical team is always ready to provide support whenever necessary, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.
Using Flexie Solution at Pharmacy Checkout Counter

Elevate Medical Experiences with CAYIN's Flexie Digital Signage Solution

The Flexie solution has been widely applied in pharmacies and clinics throughout Taiwan. Through the Flexie solution provided by CAYIN Technology, Singleton not only can update the content contained in real-time but also can remotely manage the digital signage of various pharmacies and clinics, saving considerable manpower and time costs.
From now on, while waiting, people can obtain correct and professional medical information and enjoy high-quality and considerate medical experiences. It also helps medical institutions be more environmentally friendly and sustainable by reducing traditional paper posters, making society a better place.
In the future, CAYIN Technology will continue to work closely with Singleton to innovate and optimize digital signage solutions, providing more convenient, efficient, and environmentally friendly medical information services to escort people's health.