Sai Ma Municipality Publicizes Government Information through CAYIN Digital Signage

Sai Ma Municipality, Thailand

Sai Ma Municipality, a collection of government office buildings located in Sai Ma City, Nonthaburi Province, Thailand, is where locals come in contact with various government-related information and operations.

To efficiently communicate general, organizational, and government information with the public, Sai Ma Municipality has reached out to CAYIN Technology to implement and centralize control of digital displays.
CAYIN digital signage installed one SMP-2200 player, one SMP-2300 player, and two cloud servers in the government office buildings. The implementation of digital signage helps Sai Ma Municipality share government-affiliated content and general information in real-time with locals in the area.

A Centralized System to Manage Display Content

SMP-2200 and SMP-2300 are powerful 4K HDMI players that help centralize and modernize how Sai Ma Municipality communicates information to the public. With the addition of a centralized system, government officials, civil servants, and employees can easily manage and update displayed content from the center of the Sai Ma Municipality Building.

Special Support from DMaSStech

CAYIN partnered with DMaSStech, a Thailand-based digital media and signage solutions provider. With 15 years of experience and over 500 project completions, DMaSStech executed the digital signage installation under high standards and professionalism.

Easy Access to General and Government Information

Sai Ma Municipality's choice to implement digital signage has given them the upper hand in announcing important public information to Sai Ma City locals. The installed LED Wall and video wall help the Sai Ma government provide real-time updated content to a larger audience.