Chaozhou Bus Transfer Terminal Technologizes Bus Terminal with CAYIN Digital Signage

Chaozhou Bus Transfer Station, Taiwan

The Chaozhou Bus Transfer Terminal in Taiwan, has a mission to replace traditional modes of communication with digital screens that can more efficiently relay information at the bus station. Its primary purpose was to integrate real-time bus schedules and information from the Directorate General of Highways.

Digital Signage Helps Passengers Stay up to Date on Bus Information

CAYIN digital signage implemented eleven SMP-2100 players, CMS-20, and eleven 37.6-inch industrial displays at the Chaozhou bus transfer station. The displays were installed across the waiting platform so passengers could conveniently track real-time bus times, schedules, and delays of fifteen bus lines and avoid missing their rides.

Digitized Bus Station Gives Instant Updates Upon a Glance

With eleven SMP-2100 compact and versatile digital signage players, passengers can receive instant bus information updates by raising their heads. Passengers no longer have to go through the hassle of checking their mobile apps to track bus statuses. Furthermore, the Pingtung County Government now has an effective way to promote local tourism through digital displays to attract potential visitors.

Fruitful Cooperation with Onlyfly Technology Co., LTD.

CAYIN cooperated with Onlyfly technology, located in Kaohsiung, on Chaozhou’s bus transfer station project. With 14 years of expert knowledge in the integration and installation of audio-visual equipment, Onlyfly technology successfully monitored and completed the project installation to the client’s satisfaction.

Small Technological Changes Prove to be Convenient Additions to Daily Life

A simple shift from traditional to digitized communication has significantly enhanced everyday convenience for citizens. With more bus lines to be added in the near future, the Chaozhou bus transfer station and citizens are in for a great ride!