Taichung City Government Smart Bus Stop, Taiwan

Taichung City Government Integrates Facial Recognition Technology with CAYIN Digital Signage in Smart Bus Stop

The Municipal Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government, located in mid-Taiwan,
launched a state-of-the-art project of smart bus stops.

In cooperation with the public information library, the smart bus stop aimed to broadcast information of new books, monthly events, and promotional government content that matched its viewers through the integration of facial recognition technology and digital signage. Therefore, CAYIN Digital Signage was called upon to realize this ambitious project.

Digital Signage Brings a Touch of Humanity to an Otherwise Mechanical Bus Stop

CAYIN digital signage installed its products of SMP-2310 player and CMS-60 server, paired with QNAP products of QVP-21A and QVR-FACE. The equipment of SMP-2310, being robust and reliable developed and made in Taiwan, was installed at the smart bus stop in front of the library, so that visitors can receive relevant information before entering the building; the server of CMS-60 was installed in the Taichung City Government’s equipment room for secure and easy access. The seamless integration of facial recognition technology with CAYIN’s digital signage ensures that visitors see personalized and tailored content that matches their needs.

Smart Display Broadcasts Tailored Content for Audience

SMP-2310, CAYIN’s compact 4K HDMI player, can work intuitively with QNAP facial recognition technology. The digital display is equipped with a facial recognition lens, which can instantly detect when people are looking at the screen. The intelligent display then works its magic by selecting content from a vast database of content based on the viewer(s) gender, age, and the number of people and broadcasting it to its respective audience. When the audience leaves, it automatically switches back to the original default content on display.

Special Acknowledgment of Darwin Corporation

CAYIN partnered with Darwin Corporation, the project coordinator, to complete this innovative installation of digital signage powered with facial recognition. Darwin Corporation has over 30 years of experience with Optoelectronics and multiple utility patents across Europe, America, Japan, and Taiwan, and was recognized as the ideal partner for this project.

Dare to Push Technological Boundaries in Everyday Life

The combination of digital signage and facial recognition technology brings to light the possibilities of more human technological advancements. The Municipal Transportation Bureau invites Taichung citizens to immerse, interact, and discover the charm of the smart bus stop.