Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital Upgrades Broadcasting System with CAYIN Digital Signage

Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital,Malaysia

Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital Upgrades Broadcasting System with Digital Signage

Located in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital (HRC) provides comprehensive rehabilitation treatment services for outpatients and inpatients. The 166-bed health facility under the Ministry of Health comprises a multidisciplinary team of clinical experts committed to providing world-class treatment. However, the hospital was in search of a world-class broadcasting solution. While the hospital relied on a DVD player for broadcasting needs in the past, its need for a more sophisticated schedule publishing system became apparent. Hence, the hospital decided to work with PNSS Tech and CAYIN to deploy its first-ever digital signage. The main objective is scheduling and publishing medical videos, health videos, hospital events, agendas, and VIP visits.

A Sophisticated Substitute for an Outdated DVD Player

CAYIN digital signage proposed a single SMP-2310 player and twenty-two IPTVs as an upgraded solution. The SMP-2310 player was deployed at the backend server rack and connected to the IPTV system so that any content publishing could be broadcasted to the twenty-two IPTVs installed around the hospital premises. CAYIN’s digital solution replaced the outdated DVD player with a more sophisticated and easily-managed broadcasting system that could fulfill the publishing requirements of the hospital.

Easy Scheduling and Publishing of Important Hospital Updates

Since the installation in March 2021, Chera Rehabilitation Hospital has enjoyed a simple and stable solution to schedule future health-related content and publish updates at ease. The hospital relayed information on critical healthcare events, agendas, and VIP visits via the front administration office. Furthermore, hospital employees were able to reduce their workload by planning ahead of time for content.

A Digital Signage Solution that is truly World-Class

The SMP-2310 compact 4K HDMI player cleverly works with the twenty-two IPTVs to become a digital signage solution that reflects a world-class hospital and team. Chera Rehabilitation Hospital has found a digital signage solution that shares the same qualities: caringness, reliability, and professionalism.

Recommended by PNSS Tech and Serviced by Sinar Jernih

A special thanks to PNSS Tech for its digital signage recommendation to the Chera Rehabilitation Hospital and for providing the CAYIN SMP-2310 player. Props to Sinar Jernih, the leading cleaning and facility management service provider in Malaysia, for serving as the maintenance service provider for HRC in this project.

CAYIN Implements A Hospital-wide Digital Renewal

CAYIN’s digital signage provided a much-needed digital renewal for the Chera Rehabilitation Hospital. HRC no longer broadcasts content from an outmoded DVD player but instead relies on an advanced digital signage solution to schedule and publish important hospital news and information.