BAPHIQ at Taoyuan International Airport Combats the Epidemic in Taiwan with CAYIN Digital Signage

BAPHIQ at Taoyuan Airport, Taiwan

BAPHIQ at Taoyuan International Airport Combats the Epidemic in Taiwan with CAYIN Digital Signage

The Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine COA, Executive Yuan (BAPHIQ), located in Taiwan, enforces the country’s epidemic prevention regulations. In the pandemic era, when factual information is ever more essential, BAPHIQ turns to CAYIN Technology to increase awareness of the preventative measures that can be done to minimize COVID-19 transmission and infection at Taoyuan International Airport.

Starting from the entryway into the country, the airport, BAPHIQ aims first to make epidemic prevention information in Taiwan more accessible and second to announce updated policies to the public effectively.

Easy Access to Epidemic Information and Preventative Strategies

CAYIN digital signage tackled the important assignment by installing ten SMP-2200 digital signage players by the gates and passageways around the airport, where the public have easy access to epidemic information. The new installation was also a part of BAPHIQ’s effort to replace traditional posters with digital signage displays so that correct information could be updated clearly and instantly. And it can reduce the contact when changing traditional posters.

Digital Signage Broadcasts Versatile Messages

The digital signage implementation gives BAPHIQ the flexibility to provide crucial information, regulations, and policy changes on a more diverse platform. It also serves to remind the public not to bring contraband when entering the country. The broadcasted content is divided into two segments, the top providing contraband warnings and the bottom circulating videos of the Taiwanese government’s epidemic prevention measures.

Compact Yet Powerful 4K Digital Signage Player

The SMP-2200 is a compact 4K UHD digital signage player bundled with SMP-NEO2, a dedicated digital signage software. Together, the two become one powerful media player that efficiently broadcasts vital messages around the airport.
Special thanks to Taiwan Television and Onlyfly Technology
Taiwan Television successfully coordinated this project, while Onlyfly Technology handled the system integration, which included the seamless consolidation among signage displays, media players, and kiosks.

A Promising Attempt to Spread Awareness about COVID-19 Prevention

BAPHIQ now has a more effective and direct platform to disperse tips and information about COVID-19 prevention. The public will be up to date with any new policies and regulations as soon as the government announces them. The convenience of broadcasting messages on digital signage has, in turn, become another useful preventative measure against the epidemic in Taiwan.