Management & Science University Utilizes Digital Signage for Informative Display

 Management & Science University, Malaysia

The Management & Science University (short as MSU), located in Shah Alam, Selangor,
is an elite private university in Malaysia.

Originally founded as the University College of Technology & Management Malaysia in 2001, the university officially became recognized as a full-fledged university in October 2007. CAYIN Technology was chosen as the university's first-ever digital signage solution to help provide informative content and event updates in the university's library. The university's target was clear: first, to announce current and future content efficiently, and second, to reduce the staffs' workload and maximize their time.

Management & Science University, Malaysia

Digital Displays Offer Clear and Relevant Updates in MSU Library

PNSS Tech, CAYIN Technology’s local partner in Malaysia, deployed an SMP-2310 player at the library entrance,. The distinct digital display installed at the entrance helps publicize essential updates, such as new books, events, agendas, VIP visits, etc., and assists every visitor inside the library. The new digital signage gives the university a way to relay new information and offer relevant updates in an instant.
Management & Science University, Malaysia

Maximized efficiency and Reduced Workload

With a more efficient way to plan, schedule, and announce content updates, the library staff has maximized their work hours and successfully reduced their workload. The SMP-2310 player offers a scheduling function for upcoming events and agendas in advance and has thus given the library staff more flexibility by allowing them to complete their tasks even if they are on leave on the event date.

One CAYIN SMP Player Handles It All

With just one SMP-2310, a compact 4K HDMI digital signage player, the library staff can schedule events ahead of time-based on chosen timescale and have them be broadcasted accordingly onto the large display. The MSU library can now publicly share informative news in real-time, whether current or future updates.
Management & Science University, Malaysia

Special Acknowledgement for PNSS Tech Sdn Bhd

PNSS Tech, with expertise in communicative technology, served as a system integrator and CAYIN Technology's digital signage solution provider in Malaysia.

A Simple Digital Solution for Communication Issues

The digital signage implementation proved to be a stable and simple solution to the university's long-standing communication issues. The smart digital installation provides Management & Science University's library with a way to communicate the university's significant events, agenda, visits, and book announcements to the visitors while simultaneously optimizing the workload of the staff.


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