IKEA Philippines Highlights Their Restaurant Offers with Centralized Digital Signage

IKEA, Philippines

IKEA Philippines Highlights Their Restaurant Offers with Centralized Digital Signage

IKEA Philippines, located in Pasay City, is the largest IKEA store in the world's leading furniture brand.

As an effort to streamline the management process for a store of considerable size, IKEA Philippines looks to CAYIN Technology to centralize all controls for its digital signage.IKEA Philippine’s first objective was to simplify the execution of display changes, and second, to highlight its restaurant's menu, offers, and promotions in real-time.

Digital Signage Coverage Emphasizes Restaurant Food Selections

Mediacast Digital Group Inc. installed 35 CAYIN’s SMP-2300 players, 59 Panasonic 43'' displays, 7 LG 55'' displays, and 6 kiosks throughout the store. The mass installation of digital signage helps IKEA Philippines promote its restaurant to consumers by showcasing different food options, the latest offers, promotions, and ads. Selected delicacies are also presented on the digital screens that function as menu boards to further promote the desirability and deliciousness of each item to visitors.

Centralized Control of Digital Displays

SMP-2300, a compact 4K HDMI player, pairs seamlessly with digital signage software SMP-NE02 and Panasonic and LG display screens to give IKEA Philippines the centralized digital signage solution they desired. With this centralized system, IKEA Philippines has complete control over display changes and can make real-time broadcasts to introduce new products and offers.

Noteworthy Thanks to Mediacast Digital Group

CAYIN partnered with Mediacast Digital Group Inc to complete this large-scale digital signage installation. Mediacast Digital Group, regarded as a trendsetter in the digital market, executed the installation with high-quality performance and professionalism.

Enhancing Deliciousness on Digital Screens

The digital signage implementation beautifully highlights the IKEA restaurant's menu options in a gourmet light. IKEA Philippines has expressed great satisfaction with the results, as it can now manage and update its restaurant and food displays easily in real-time.