Amway Shop Transforms Showroom with CAYIN Digital Signage

Amway Shop Transforms Showroom with CAYIN Digital Signage

Amway is known as one of the world's biggest health and beauty product providers. As one of the leaders in its industry, Amway constantly looks for solutions to boost product promotion and improve the consumer experience.

In a three-month renovation beginning in 2020, the Amway Shop at The Explace Mall in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) City, Thailand, deployed CAYIN digital signage in strategic spots in its shop to achieve two main goals.
The first was to enhance Amway's in-store showroom, and the second was to centralize control for all content displayed.

Modern Renovation Using New Technology

Amway's large-scale installation included three SMP-2300 players, one SMP-8000 player, one SMP-8000QD player, one LG Monitor 32'', one LG Monitor 43'', seven LG Monitor 49'', three LG VDO WALL Monitor 55''and a CMS-SE package with ten licenses. Many digital signages were installed across Amway's cafe counter, shelves, and entrance, including kiosks. The digital signage implementation transformed Amway's showroom renovation, as it presented the shop in a more modern and sophisticated way with the help of new technology.

Centralized Management for Diverse Content

With centralized control in place, Amway can easily manage and share product information, menu boards, promotions, and news. Amway's IT and marketing now find it easy to manage all displays from one place and communicate important messages to its target audience. Moreover, centralized control significantly improves usability, which minimizes Amway employees' learning curve and workload.

Customized Digital Signage Solution for Any Needs

Offers a variety of players and screen displays suitable for any business. Amway's mass installation of diverse players, displays, and video walls showcases digital signage's many usage and benefits. The shop is deployed with multiple digital signage models to help Amway produce a desired modern image and effectively convey targeted messages to consumers.

DMaSStech Assists in Mass Installation

CAYIN's trusted partner in Bangkok, DMaSStech, supported the large-scale digital signage implementation at the Amway shop at the Explace Mall. With recognized professionalism, DMaSStech completed the installation in under three months from November 2020 to January 2021.

Digital Signage Solution Expands to Other Amway Branches

Since the digital signage implementation, the Amway shop at Explace Mall has benefited dramatically because of its renovated showroom and centralized control of promotional content. Following the positive outcome, other Amway branches are looking to adopt a digital signage solution for their storefront.