Transform Any Device Into Digital Signage with CMS-WS Player

CAYIN CMS-WS Player is designed to be used with CMS-WS, the content management server dedicated to digital signage. The App turns your Smart TV and other mobile devices into digital signage players by connecting them to the CMS-WS server. Businesses can utilize the player to effectively deploy customer touchpoints on larger and more versatile devices, such as the Smart TV, to create the perfect user experience anywhere. 

CMS-WS Player offers convenience and efficiency for any type of business through its flexible display options, simple activation settings, enhanced safety and storage, and customized templates.

A closer look at the major highlights of CMS-WS Player:   

1. Flexible Display on Any Device

CMS-WS Player offers flexible display and easy control for various devices, including Smart TV, tablets, mobile devices, PC, laptops, etc. Users can also install the Chrome extension from the Chrome web store to use as digital signage. The player supports left and right 90-degrees and 180-degree display rotations for convenient viewing.

2. Activate Display with Just One-click

The player’s simple settings allow users to complete setup and connect devices with the CMS-WS Server quickly. Once connected, users can start or pause playback at any time. Offline default content playback is supported as well (non-default browsers are not supported). Devices with an Android system will auto-activate CMS-WS Player when turned on.

3. Safety and Storage Packed in One

All contents are saved on the CMS-WS server to ensure safe storage and easy management and can be streamed directly from the server. Users can set up a pin code to securely manage the player’s settings.

4. Schedule Playbacks and Customize Templates

Users can customize digital templates on CMS-WS for any device with CMS-WS Player installed and use CMS-WS to schedule playback conveniently.

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