Meeting Room Signage Just Got a Whole Lot Easier! Here's Why...

Meeting Room Signage
Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

Here's Why...

CAYIN introduces a brand new right-hand man, meetingPost+, designed to make meeting room signage management efficient and effortless.

meetingPost+ is dedicated to fulfilling the versatile needs of any meeting room for any occasion and even supports Google Workspace integration. After rigorous research and development, CAYIN has incorporated the following essential features in meetingPost+ to make the job easier.

Frequent Informational Updates for Meeting Rooms

meetingPost+ keeps track of all the changes made for each meeting room, so users don't have to. Any information updates can be edited, scheduled, and updated instantly.

Seamless Cooperation with CAYIN's players of other web-enabled devices

Users can combine meetingPost+'s comprehensive management functions with media players to substitute traditional notices and posters, display real-time event information on monitors outside each meeting room.

Pre-designed Templates for Fast Adoption

meetingPost+ is equipped with various portrait and landscape templates to give users the luxury of creating professional signage at lightning speed.
Users then have the creative freedom to customize displays by changing the logo, background image, text size, and colour based on specific needs.

Web-based UI for Easy Remote Management

The intuitive web-based user interface gives users the comfort of sitting in front of any computer and changing information displayed outside meeting rooms.

Convenient Integration with Google Workspace

meetingPost+ can be integrated with Google Workspace for more convenience. Users can sync their Google calendar to meetingPost+ to reserve meeting rooms through Google Workspace. All reservations can be managed through Google Workspace, and any changes will be linked to meetingPost+.

Under an integrated system, users can also create meeting rooms and equipment lists for specific meeting rooms through Google Workspace. Any selected data will be synced and updated to meetingPost+ for subsequent use.

All in all, meetingPost+ aims to revolutionize meeting room signage management through a set of practical and effective features users have always desired. CAYIN's dedication to providing the best experience for users will continue to show in its advanced technology and innovation of future updates for meetingPost+.

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